Efficient and effective air change and excellent energy performance are only some of the benefits of air handling units from HVAC Ratherm.

HVAC Ratherm is an expert with more than 20 years of experience in the production and sale of air handling units. We offer a variety of different AHUs with intended uses including industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and commercial buildings. They differ in size, functionality, application, and performance.

Our products are the ideal choice for eco-conscious companies. In an effort to protect the natural environment, we use eco-friendly solutions in our manufacturing process. Our AHUs are made using modern technologies which limit the impact on the environment.

What are air handling units used for?

AHUs comprise one of the main systems in many buildings (especially in large facilities). Their fundamental role is to remove aged air and supply fresh filtered air. They ensure an appropriate comfort level for the building’s occupants.

What are the different benefits of HVAC Ratherm’s air handling units?

We are a Polish manufacturer of air handling units. Our offer includes packaged AHUs, monoblock AHUs, gas-fired AHUs, suspended AHUs and AHUs with internal heat pumps. These products have many benefits which make HVAC Ratherm one of the leading suppliers of air handling units and air conditioning units in Poland. Here are some of them.

  1. Excellent energy performance
    HVAC Ratherm air handling units have integrated solutions that contribute to reducing energy consumption. For example, all our product ranges use high-efficiency EC fans that significantly increase energy performance ratings.
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