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XK – Packaged AHUs

Flexible solution:

Our XK series of packaged AHUs is a new range of HVAC devices offered by HVAC RATHERM. They are the outcome of constant development and improvement of the monoblock system production process. With latest technologies, advanced material engineering and innovative design solutions we have created a product that meets the expectations of customers.

The XK series responds to the needs of customers in terms of AHU applications, design, delivery and operation.

All XK AHUs are factory-equipped with a complete automation system, which means that the AHU can be started immediately after installation and connection of ducts.


  • Wide range of air flow rates: 500–46,000 m3/h
  • 6 AHU sizes
  • Compact dimensions
  • Wide range of air conditioning modules
  • Any configuration of duct connections
CENTRALE Kompaktowe XK

Diagram of available connections

Device codification:

Schemat połączeń klimatyzatora centrali XK
  1. Air flow rate [100m3/h]
  2. Configuration: N – fresh air system, NW – supply and exhaust system, NWR – rotary heat recovery, NWP – plate heat recovery
  3. Heat exchanger type: HG – gas-fired, HW – water, HE – electric
  4. Cooler type: CF – DX, CW – water
  5. Supply and exhaust outlet configuration: H – front, U– top, V – bottom
Kilmatyzator nagłówek

Diagram of available connections

Schemar blokowy systemu klimatyzacji

Roof heating and ventilation unit XK 350 N HG210 HV

Air flow rate: 35 000 m3/h
Heating power of the gas module: 210 kW
Horizontal supply outlet, lower return inlet

Schemar blokowy systemu klimatyzacji

Block diagram of XD_050_NWR_HW unit for ductless systems without a cooling module

Air flow rate: 5000 m3/h
Water air heater

Schemar blokowy systemu klimatyzacji

Block diagram of XD60_125_NWR_HE36 monoblock unit with a cooling module

Cooling capacity: 60 kW
Air flow rate: 12500 m3/h
Electric air heater: 36 kW

Schemar blokowy systemu klimatyzacji

Air handling units

Efficient air exchange is essential in any building. Lack of adequate ventilation can be extremely dangerous for the users of the facility. Insufficient oxygen, too much carbon dioxide and other harmful gases can have very dangerous health effects. Unpleasant smell, high humidity and stuffiness are also symptoms of inefficient or insufficient ventilation.


HVAC Ratherm are professional solutions in the field of ventilation of large-volume facilities. We have been manufacturing, assembling and delivering ventilation and air conditioning devices for companies for nearly 20 years. We carry out orders throughout Poland.

High efficiency and energy saving

Our modern air handling units allow for effective [but fast] ventilation of even the largest facilities.

The applied fans with an EC DC motor significantly reduce the demand for electricity, thus reducing costs.

The highest quality of workmanship

Air-conditioning devices often operate in very difficult conditions. The steel of the XK Ratherm compact ventilation unit is made of, to a large extent, protects the device against damage and also protects against unfavorable weather conditions.

RATHERM air-handling units are also characterized by a very good available pressure.

Reduced noise level

The use of modern components has a very positive effect on the reduction of noise generated by ventilation devices. There is a clear difference compared to lower class control panels.

Declaration of conformity and hygienic certificate

Our compact air-handling units comply with the European Community directives. The devices also have a hygienic certificate issued by the National Institute of Health. More information can be found in the download area.

The performance of compact air-handling units

One of the most important parameters of air handling units is their efficiency. It is an attribute that determines the maximum amount of air that a given device can process in one hour. The AHU efficiency is expressed in m3 / h. The required minimum capacity in a given project is usually determined at the construction stage of the facility and depends on many factors, including its cubature.

Our compact air handling units achieve a capacity of 600 m3 / h (for the XK 010 model) to even 32,000 m3 / h (for the XK 305 model). The external pressure range varies from 150 to 600 Pa. For individual needs, we also develop sectional AHUs with a capacity of 80,000 m3 / h.

How to determine the required performance?

When deciding to choose the optimal compact air-conditioning unit, efficiency is one of the most important parameters. If, in the future, changes are planned in the scope of e.g. building functions or other parameters influencing the required performance of the air-handling unit, it is worth considering it at the very beginning.

The RATHERM HVAC ventilation unit selection program prepared by us will allow you to easily determine the required efficiency of the devices. If you have any questions or doubts, our sales department is also at your disposal. We encourage you to ask any questions.

Types of fans

RATHERM compact air handling units are equipped with electronically commutated EC fans. Depending on the selected model, single or so-called configurations are used. multiwall. EC fans have motors with an integrated electronics system. This solution allows for a very smooth adjustment of the fan speed, which translates into significantly quieter operation of the device as well as lower electricity consumption. The fans used in our furnishings are of high quality and long life. This translates directly into longer failure-free operation of the entire unit and reduction of the operating costs of the AHU.

Product catalog

More information about our compact air-conditioning units (including sample configurations, diagram of available connections, technical parameters) can be found in the catalog that can be downloaded Download to

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