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XD SERIES – The energy-saving solutions you expect

Flexible solution:

The XD series monoblock AHUs respond to the demand for all-purpose systems that are capable of handling air treatment process. Their compact housing and modular equipment make it possible to adapt the units to unique project requirements. Select from a range of four sizes, with air flow rate from 3000 to 33,000 m3/h and cooling capacities of 20–180 kW. High compatibility of design components and equipment elements as well as the use of an integral automation system speed up the production process and shorten the time to HVAC system commissioning.

XD series units rely on free cooling. Monoblock units include EC fans or high efficiency rotary heat exchangers that meet the requirements of Ecodesign 2018.

Complete air conditioning system:

XD series units are an alternative to traditional solutions, that is a modular air handling unit with an automation system and a cooling source, typically from several different suppliers. Instead, we offer a single complete unit with a single controller for operation and a single service provider responsible for maintenance. Their compact dimensions and endless configuration possibilities make the designing and installation of a HVAC system easy. Because of their design, XD AHUs can be installed on the rooftop, beside the facility or indoors. With a list of available functional modules, you can freely configure the air handling process.


  • Large-scale facilities, sports halls
  • Cinemas, shopping centres
  • Commercial and manufacturing facilities

Flexible solution

for large-scale facilities

The XD series AHU is an optimal solution for effective and comfort air conditioning inside large buildings.

To reduce operating costs, each AHU is equipped with a heat recovery module, a mixing box with free cooling function and a heating module as standard. The sequence of using each module has been defined within the energy saving function.

The use of electronically commutated (EC) fans radically improves the unit's energy performance.

Centrale Monoblokowe XD

Modular product

for buildings with a surface area from 300 m2 to 2000 m2

The XD AHU is an all-purpose solution for air handling in commercial facilities with a surface area ranging from 300 m2 to 2000 m2.

Cooling demand is optimised through the use of multi-stage compressor systems. 50 mm thick insulation and axial fans with reduced sound power guarantee low sound pressure.

Due to the unit design, air ducts can be connected to the AHU from the side, bottom and top.

Device codification

Schemat połączeń klimatyzatora
  1. Cooling capacity: 10 - 200 [kW]
  2. Air flow rate [x 100m3/h]
  3. Configuration: N – classic rooftop, NW – supply and exhaust system, NWR – heat recovery module
  4. Heat exchanger type: HG – gas-fired, HW – water, HE – electric
  5. Supply and exhaust outlet configuration: H – front, U– top, D – bottom
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Diagram of available connections

Schemar blokowy systemu klimatyzacji

Block diagram of XD50_090_N_HG42 unit in rooftop configuration

Cooling capacity: 50 kW
Air flow rate: 9000 m3/h
Heating capacity: 42 kW

Schemar blokowy systemu klimatyzacji

Block diagram of XD_050_NWR_HW unit for ductless systems without a cooling moduleo

Air flow rate: 5000 m3/h
Water air heater

Schemar blokowy systemu klimatyzacji

Block diagram of XD60_125_NWR_HE36 monoblock unit with a cooling module

Cooling capacity: 60 kW
Air flow rate: 12500 m3/h.
Electric air heater: 36 kW

Schemar blokowy systemu klimatyzacji

AHU manufacturer

HVAC Ratherm is an entirely Polish manufacturer of air handling units. Over the past 20 years, we have completed dozens of large projects that involved delivery of comprehensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We specialise in the production of XD monoblock AHUs. Our products are used by dozens of companies from all over Poland.

XD monoblock AHUs are made with components from well-known and reputable manufacturers only. As a result, our AHUs are highly reliable, demonstrate excellent performance and offer the highest level of safety.

Delivery and installation of XD monoblock AHUs

We are a truly comprehensive provider. We deliver the ordered units to their destination site at a time convenient for you. Our team of specialists will also take care of system installation and start-up. Once the system is installed, we conduct a series of tests and measurements to make sure that it works perfectly. All measurement findings are delivered to the customer in the form of a report attached to the handing-over certificate.

Application of XD monoblock AHUs

XD series monoblock AHUs are typically used in large-scale facilities. Because of their high efficiency (up to 46,000 m3/h per unit), our units can be used even in the largest facilities of this type in Poland.

We have installed Ratherm monoblock AHUs in dozens of shopping centres in Poland, industrial facilities (Industrial ventilation ), manufacturing plants and logistics centres. Our units are also an ideal choice for various types of sports halls, cinemas and other commercial facilities.

Warranty; in-warranty and post-warranty repairs

We provide a written warranty for all AHUs manufactured and delivered by us. We offer in-warranty and post-warranty repairs of HVAC Ratherm products. More warranty details can be found in Download to

Rooftop units

This type of monoblock AHUs are primarily used in large buildings. These AHUs are equipped with all the necessary devices needed for comprehensive air handling. XD series RATHERM units in rooftop configuration eliminate the need to use multiple devices from different manufacturers. Everything you need is contained in a single solid and attractive housing.

Monoblock rooftop units are usually installed on the roof of a building. Such an approach has a number of benefits, including significant noise reduction, improved ventilation, neat appearance of the building or the lack of necessity to sacrifice a large indoor space. Of course, monoblock AHUs can also be installed beside a building or indoors.

Key advantages of modular rooftop units

  • Compact and comprehensive – everything you need is contained in a single unit
  • Lower operating costs due to the use of energy-saving solutions
  • Solid housing that effectively protects against weather (including storms and hail) as well as against thermal bridges and leaks RATHERM modular AHU housing that significantly reduces noise
  • Heat recovery function that reduces costs and is eco-friendly
  • Convenient automatic operation – RATHERM rooftop units are equipped with modern and functional automation systems

Magic BOX – an innovative proprietary solution

For over 20 years we have been delivering state-of-the-art HVAC units. Based on our extensive experience and hundreds of completed projects, we have developed the MAGIC BOX system. We are the only manufacturer offering this technology on the Polish market.

MAGIC BOX offers the possibility of designing any configuration of AHU outlets for any air flow rate from 1000 m3/h to 46,000 m3/h. Similar solutions had previously been used solely in small devices known as home heat recovery ventilators.

We are the only provider offering top outlets on our AHUs. Additionally, we offer combinations of top outlets (U) with bottom (V) and front (H) outlets.

Key advantages of MAGIC BOX system

  • Much smaller dimensions and weight of HVAC units,
  • Minimizing duct installation costs,
  • No limits as to the unit's location: on the ground, on the roof, beside a building or indoors

New technologies and tailor-made solutions

RATHERM uses new technologies and offers products that meet market requirements. We are virtually unrestricted when it comes to adapting to the requirements and conditions of a particular project. We create tailor-made solutions, ideally suited to the needs of our customers.

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