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Any building, regardless of its size, requires proper ventilation. Fresh air is necessary for healthy and comfortable use of any facility.

Large-scale facilities, such as production floors, trade show buildings, shopping centres, large industrial facilities, sports halls etc., are more challenging than small buildings in terms of ensuring proper ventilation. Due to the large space and high concentration of people, ventilation in a large facility must be extremely efficient and effective.

Ratherm AHUs specialise in efficient and fast ventilation of large spaces.

AHU purposes

AHUs are essential for the proper functioning of large facilities. Their main job is to exchange air efficiently. Fresh air creates a proper atmosphere in the building to ensure the comfort of its occupants..

Air Conditioning

On hot days, AHUs are often used to cool the air as well. Our units feature multi-stage compressor systems that enable optimisation of the cooling demand. Customers who use our Air Handling Units no longer need to use additional air conditioning devices.

The air conditioning function of Ratherm Air Handling Units in addition to improving the comfort of occupants, may also be indispensable in a particular project. Due to an integrated automation system, our units are able to maintain a certain temperature for a specified period of time. It is also possible to program the unit's operating hours, so that the they are turned on only when it is needed (e.g. during company's working hours). Advanced automation of RATHERM air handling units offers reduced operating costs (costs of electricity and component consumption).

In order for air to be cooled down to a certain temperature, it is very important to choose the right AHU. Only a properly designed and selected AHU will be able to maintain the set temperature, even on the hottest of days. Key factors to be taken into account include the AHU's power and type, parameters of the building/room, such as solar factor, insulation, size, number of occupants, shaded area, room arrangement, window surface area, etc. Our specialists will help you choose the right units that will best suit a specific project. Contact us today to find out more.

HVAC RATHERM – Who are we?

We are an entirely Polish company that has been producing and installing air handling units (AHUs) for over a decade. We have completed several hundred projects throughout Poland (a list of our projects can be found here). Our customers include shopping centres, service and construction companies, manufacturing plants, shops, cinemas, developers, public institutions and other enterprises. We specialise in HVAC systems for large buildings and industrial facilities. Our regional offices are located in Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań, Rzeszów and Katowice (full list of regional offices). We are happy to work with you anywhere in Poland.

Air filtering

According to statistics, Poland has some of the most polluted air in the European Union. Our AHUs have appropriate filters that significantly improve the quality of air supplied to the building. Purified air has a positive effect on the comfort and health of the facility's occupants.

In addition, our filters reduce the levels of mechanical impurities from the outside (such as dust), which directly translates into a cleaner HVAC system. As a result, AHUs can operate more efficiently and the maintenance costs of the entire system are lower in the long term.

A well-ventilated facility is much less susceptible to the growth of fungi and bacteria. Filters used in our units significantly reduce the number of allergens, thus increasing the comfort of building occupants.


One of the most important functions of a HVAC system is heating. This is a very important item in the operating costs of every building. AHUs are capable of heating the air supplied to the building to a temperature indicated by the customer.

We make units equipped with gas-fired, water or electric air heaters. Our units can be configured in the most optimal way depending on the needs and preferences of our customer.

Energy recovery

It is a process that involves partial recovery of heat that would otherwise be lost if traditional HVAC solutions were used. The heat comes from heated “used” air removed from the HVAC system. Rather than evacuating this heat, units with energy recovery function are able to keep and reuse some of this energy. Our highly efficient heat and cold recovery exchangers are able to reduce the ultimate energy demand by up to several dozen percent. Effective recuperation significantly reduces heating costs and has a positive effect on the natural environment. Ratherm units use plate and rotary heat recovery exchangers.

Optimal AHU selection

There are many various solutions on the market, with each having its advantages and disadvantages. What may be an advantage in one project may turn out to be a disadvantage in another. Therefore, choosing the right AHUs for a particular project is crucial. Errors made at this stage may have avery negative impact on the building operation and associated costs.

When designing a HVAC system, many factors need to be taken into account, including the size of the building, air supply-exhaust ratio, specifications of each device, place of installation, level of generated noise, etc.

To make your task easier, we have developed an original AHU Configurator which makes the selection process quick and easy. More information can be found here: AHU Configurator from HVAC Ratherm

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