HVAC RATHERM has specialised in air handling systems for many years. We are a leading Polish manufacturer of compact air handling units and rooftop devices. Back in 2008, we started off as a dealership for well-known HVAC brands, which included servicing. In 2010, the company started delivering comprehensive project services, including engineering and installation of air handling systems.

The breakthrough in the company's development was 2014, when, with the encouragement from of our regular customers, JYSK, LPP and PEPCO, we produced our first serial XD units with cooling modules. In 2016, our production range included XK compact units and XK-P ceiling suspended units, designed in accordance with the MAGIC BOX concept that enables any configuration of duct connections. All series of compact AHUs are equipped with rotary and plate heat exchangers. In 2018, the rapid increase in interest in air heating systems brought about the XG series of gas-fired units. In 2020, we introduced inverter cooling units for the retrofitting of XD units with HP heat pump modules. In the near future, we plan to completely move away from on/off compressors.

Below we present the achievements of HVAC RATHERM in the years 2008–2021, important for the company's history.
  • 2009 JABIL Kwidzyn. Construction of a solar panel factory. Supply of air-conditioning and ventilation equipment according to the presented value engineering design.
  • 2010 RWS Gdańsk. Szadółki Shopping Centre. The first commercial facility in our history. Engineering, delivery and installation of 10 rooftop units.
  • 2014 JYSK. The retail chain begins to source RATHERM units for its facilities. In 2014–2020, we delivered 31 XD units for JYSK.
  • 2016 MORENA Shopping Centre. The largest contract in the company's history, performed for DEKPOL. Delivery of 23 XD units with incorporated cooling and gas-fired modules.
  • 2017 TRANSFER OF PRODUCTION. Start of production at the manufacturing plant in Żukowo near Gdańsk. The floor area of 1800 m2 allowed for serial production of units for stocking.
  • 2017 SALLER Mielec. Start of cooperation with the largest operator in the retail market in Poland. To date, we have completed 24 projects together.
  • 2018 LPP. Delivery of several units for the brand's shops and delivery of 20 XD and XK units for its logistics centre in Pruszcz Gdański.
  • 2019 TREI Pułtusk. Start of cooperation with the fastest-developing operator in the retail market in Poland. To date, we have completed 15 projects together.
  • 2020 Expanding the offer of compact air handling units to 7 models in the capacity range from 1000 m3/h to approx. 40,000 m3/h.
  • 2020 PANATTONI RADOM. Delivery of units for the largest of all facilities we completed for this operator. The total air flow rate of 15 units: 288,000 m3/h. Gas-fired heating capacity: 1330 kW.
  • 2021 FORTIS LUBRZA Shopping Centre. Delivery of XD and XK series units for the company's 78th retail facility.
  • 2022 NEW MANUFACTURING PLANT. Construction of a new manufacturing plant begins in Rekcin near Gdańsk. The facility with a surface area of 5000 m2 is scheduled to open in 2022.
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