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XK – Packaged AHUs

Optimal heating and ventilation system:

HVAC RATHERM meets the needs of customers by offering a new XK-G series of gas-fired rooftop units. This new quality of unit heaters with modulating burners as standard ensures thermal comfort in large buildings.

Production of XK-G units is based on the MAGIC BOX concept. By using monoblock systems we offer unrestricted configuration possibilities for ventilation duct connections: bottom (VV), top (UU) or traditional front (HH) as well as their combinations. As a result, installation is easy and costs are kept to a minimum.

All XK-G AHUs come with a complete automation system, which means that the AHU can be started immediately after installation and connection of ducts.


  • Wide range of air flow rates 1500-46000 m3/h
  • 6 AHU sizes
  • Compact dimensions
  • Wide range of air conditioning modules
  • Any configuration of duct connections
Gazowe centrale wentylacyjne

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Diagram of available connections

Device codification:

Schemat połączeń klimatyzatora centrali gazowej XK
  1. Air flow rate: 100 [m3/h]
  2. Configuration: N – fresh air system, NW – supply and exhaust system, NWR – rotary heat recovery, NWP – plate heat recovery
  3. Gas module power – [KW]
  4. Cooler type: CF – DX, CW – water
  5. Supply and exhaust outlet configuration: H – front, U – top, V – bottom

XK gas-fired AHUs

Gas-fired AHUs are used wherever there are no other energy sources or they are insufficient. As the costs of electricity keep growing, gas-fired AHUs are proving to be an increasingly popular choice among our customers as they turn out to be more economically viable.

Weather resistance

Placing an AHU on the roof significantly increases the space available inside the building. It also significantly reduces any audible noise generated by the units (additionally, the insulation used also contributes to low noise levels).

The housing of RATHERM XK-G gas-fired units is designed and constructed in such a way as to ensure maximum weather resistance on the roof of a building. The climate in Poland is highly volatile. Resistance to hail, rain, snow and large temperature fluctuations is extremely important in the case of rooftop gas-fired AHUs.

Highest quality of workmanship

We have been making HVAC devices for nearly 20 years. All our AHUs are fitted with components from well-known and reputable manufacturers.

Perfect design, great workmanship, thorough checks and testing as well as superior components guarantee high efficiency and reliability. We are an entirely Polish company that has completed dozens of large HVAC projects.

Application of packaged rooftop gas-fired AHUs

With a wide range of air flow rates ranging from 1500 to 46,000m3/h, RATHERM gas-fired AHUs can be used both in small buildings and large facilities such as shopping centres, production floors, trade show buildings, sports facilities, warehouses, wholesalers, shops, offices, and others.

HVAC servicing

We offer comprehensive in-warranty and post-warranty repair services for RATHERM systems.

Advantages of gas-fired AHUs

Choosing an optimal AHU solution is very important for any project. Making the right choices may, in the long run, translate into significantly reduced overall maintenance costs of a given facility. Natural gas is a very efficient fuel and has a number of other advantages, therefore gas-fired AHUs are becoming increasingly popular among project owners.

High energy efficiency

RATHERM gas-fired AHUs ensure a very high level of energy efficiency. Due to the special technology applied, air is heated in a very effective way, using a minimum amount of gas to heat large amounts of air. Heat losses are limited to nearly zero.

RATHERM devices are equipped with highly efficient heat exchangers as well as air flow dampers, which significantly increases the efficiency of the entire system by maximising the use of energy generated from fuel gas.

Reduced costs

High energy efficiency translates into a much lower demand for gas and thus lower operating costs. RATHERM gas-fired AHUs have a compact design. Most of the necessary devices are contained in a single compact housing, which reduces the need for expensive extensions, such as building a boiler room, additional systems, insulation, etc. Gas is also often cheaper than electricity, and therefore can be more economically viable.


The issue of poor air quality in our country is becoming increasingly noticeable. By choosing natural gas over coal as your heating fuel, you contribute to reducing smog and improving air quality. Natural gas is a fuel with significantly lower emissions of harmful pollutants than coal. Gas combustion does not generate any ash, dust or slag. Natural gas is widely used in Western European countries (with coal used to a much lesser degree). Also project owners in Poland are increasingly using gas as an energy source in their AHUs.

Gas-fired AHUs have multiple advantages. If you are not sure which type of AHU would be the best for your needs, please contact us.

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