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Rooftop Units


There are many types of air handling units (AHUs) on the market that are suitable for specific applications. Rooftop units are a type of AHU that are intended for installation on the roof of a building and have an all-in-one design. All components of the AHU are fitted in one compact housing. These units are usually used in large-scale buildings (e.g. shopping centres, cinemas, production floors and plants, etc.).

Their job is to process and supply air into the building. The air is treated with filters, and then heated or cooled to the desired temperature. Rooftop units can serve one or multiple rooms with similar thermal characteristics.

Two-stage air conditioning is also possible. In this configuration, rooftop units process fresh air and transmit it to a secondary air conditioning system.

Selected advantages of rooftop units

  1. Significant space-saving – units are mounted on a building roof so that the space that would otherwise be occupied by a traditional AHU can be used for other purposes.
  2. Reduced noise – all devices that make up the rooftop unit are fitted into a single housing, which is additionally soundproofed. Also, the rooftop location makes AHU's operation virtually inaudible to building occupants.
  3. Possible heat recovery – reduced operating costs and a positive impact on the environment.

RATHERM rooftop units

We specialise in the production, sale, installation and servicing of rooftop units. Our offer includes XD monoblock AHUs, XK packaged AHUs and XK-G gas-fired AHUs. Our units are used in dozens of buildings (mainly large-scale) throughout Poland.

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