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Authorised repair service for RATHERM air handling units

Correct and regular maintenance of HVAC devices has a direct positive effect on the longevity and efficiency of the entire system. Periodic replacement of filters and cleaning of components are key to a well-performing system.

We offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services for RATHERM AHUs for all our customers. We have our own specialised team dedicated to this purpose. We are happy to work with you anywhere in Poland.

As part of the warranty, we perform comprehensive repairs and maintenance of AHUs purchased from us. We will also carry out periodic inspections of your AHUs.

Inspections, maintenance and repairs of air handling units

Because we are also the manufacturer, you can be sure that any repairs or maintenance will be performed correctly and safely. Proper repair and maintenance significantly extend the life of our units and ensure their better efficiency. Our employees have all certificates required by law. Having us service your AHUs also means that manufacturer's warranty conditions will not be breached.

Superior quality components

For all repairs and maintenance work we use only original components from reputable manufacturers. High-quality components ensure that units work more efficiently and last longer.

Our services are fully comprehensive – we can do any job associated with your HVAC system, including replacement of filters, repair or replacement of motors, dampers and actuators, welding, adjustment, regeneration, measurements, disinfection, cleaning, programming, oil replenishment, tightness inspections, etc.

Post-warranty repairs of AHUs

Once the warranty period is over, we offer continued cooperation under a maintenance service contract. We also carry out repairs on demand and perform periodic corrective maintenance.

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