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XD-HP AHUs are equipped with an innovative heat pump in which all the power consumed by compressors is transformed to heat during the heating season. The coefficient of performance (CoP) of an inverter heat pump is close to 5, which means that every 1 kW of input power produces up to 5 kW of heat output. An additional rotary heat exchanger consumes practically no energy and recovers from 75% to 85% of the heat. In summer, the heat pump operates in a reverse mode to cool the air.

Features and applications:

  • Ventilation,
  • Filtration and secondary filtration,
  • Heating, cooling and drying,
  • Heat recovery,
  • Moisture recovery,
  • Cooling,
  • Reversible inverter heat pump


  • WVentilation, heating, cooling and energy recovery – all in one compact unit,
  • A modular design for quick and easy installation and commissioning,
  • High energy efficiency with heat recovery of up to 85%
  • Highly advanced control system built into the unit,
  • Packaged solution,
  • Components from renowned manufacturers,
  • Compatibility with BMS systems and online remote control capability
Kompaktowe centrale z wewnętrzną pompą ciepła
Schemat przyłączeń centrali wentylacyjnej z wewnętrzną pompą ciepła


The XD-HP indoor compact AHUs are delivered as a complete, factory-tested, year-round air conditioning system that only needs to be connected to the duct system and electrical power supply. XD-HP monoblock AHUs are intended mainly for year-round air conditioning in commercial, historic and large buildings where the units are to be installed indoors.

The heat pumps and cooling units of XD-HP AHUs are equipped with inverter scroll compressors with stepless power adjustment in the range of 0% to 100%. With this solution the cooling/heating power can be precisely adjusted to the current demand and the expected level of control accuracy.


Schemat połączeń klimatyzatora centrali z wewnętrzną pompą ciepła

  1. Air flow rate: [1500 - 23500 m3/h/100]
  2. Configuration: NW – supply and exhaust system, NWR – rotary heat recover,
  3. Heat exchanger type: E – electric, W– water
  4. Cooling/heating capacity of heat pump modulea

Centrale z wewnętrzną pompą ciepła parametry

AHUs with heat recovery

Every electrical device produces a certain amount of heat during its operation. In standard designs, this heat usually escapes into the atmosphere and is completely and irretrievably lost.

However, there are solutions that can effectively use this thermal energy. Heat recovery translates directly into eco-friendliness, lower electricity consumption and lower operating costs.

It is also worth mentioning that Polish (and EU) laws place increasingly more emphasis on equipment performance and eco-friendliness.

Heat pump

One of the methods of heat recovery is an internal heat pump that uses the heat generated by the compressor to heat the air supplied to the building. In a traditional air handling unit, this thermal energy would be lost. Ratherm XD-HP units, on the other hand, use that heat.

Our AHUs equipped with an internal heat pump are becoming increasingly more popular among project owners.

Cool in summer, warm in winter

In summer, air usually does not need to be heated, but it may need to be cooled down. Summers are getting hotter every year, and air conditioning systems must be able to handle that. The greater the temperature difference, the greater is the energy demand of AHUs.

Again, an internal heat pump is the solution to reduce energy consumption and thus costs. In summer, the heat pump used in Ratherm units is put into a reverse mode. This means that it cools down the air instead of heating it. Once again, energy that would otherwise be irretrievably lost is reused instead.

Air flow rate

One of the many features that make Ratherm XD-HP units with a heat pump stand out is their very good nominal air flow rate for heat recovery purposes. Depending on the model, our devices are able to process from 2500 m3/h to 23,500 m3/h. Their heating capacity ranges from 6 kW to 78 kW. Heat recovery efficiency for the nominal air flow rate amounts to as much as 73–78%. Heat energy savings at a nominal capacity range from 33 kW for the XD-HP 025 unit to 286 kW for the XD-HP 225 unit.

Gas-fired and electric air heaters

Depending on the needs and preferences of our customer, our AHUs can have a gas-fired or water air heater. The power of a gas-fired heater, depending on the AHU model, ranges from 15 kW to 212 kW. In the case of a water air heater, the power ranges from 12.6 kW to 188.4 kW.

A water air heater has adequate frost protection. AHU automatics ensure that the water in the system does not freeze..

Stepless power adjustment

It is worth noting that water and gas-fired air heaters have stepless power control in the range from 10% to 100%. This solution enables precise adjustment of the cooling or heating power to the needs and expectations of the customer. In the case of a gas-fired air heater, two-stage adjustment capability is also possible.

Air filtering

Air pollution in Poland is a serious problem. There are many factors make that make the air in our region one of the most polluted in the entire European Union. It is estimated that in recent years smog has been one of the main causes of premature death in Poland (more information:

One way to improve air quality in buildings is through filtration. All our units pre-filter the air to improve its quality. Ratherm AHUs are equipped with the following class filters: G4, M5, F7, and optionally F9. To learn more about the solutions we use to improve air quality in the building, please contact our sales department today.

Design of Ratherm XD-HP AHUs

Our XD-HP AHUs have a skeleton structure, which comes with a number of benefits. First of all, this type of AHU is much easier to maintain due to a convenient access to its interior. AHU profiles are made of lightweight and durable aluminium. The skeleton structure makes the entire device very durable and still relatively lightweight.

AHU housing insulation

To ensure the best performance of the AHU, the skeleton frame is filled with a 50-millimetre thick layer of rock wool insulation. This non-flammable material significantly reduces the noise generated by an operating unit. This is particularly important where this type of AHU is installed indoors. Good sound insulation significantly improves the comfort of using the AHU itself and the entire building.

The rock wool also provides thermal insulation. Proper thermal insulation significantly reduces heat and cooling losses, thus increasing the efficiency of the unit and reducing operating costs. Our well-insulated housing reduces thermal transmittance out of and into the unit.

The thermal insulation class for the housing is T3 according to PN-EN 1886. The TB3 class, which applies to Ratherm AHUs, signifies good protection against the occurrence of thermal bridges that have a negative impact on the overall thermal performance of AHUs.

ALUZINC panelling

The outer skin of the skeleton frame is made of ALUZINC panels. It is a durable sheet steel coated on both sides with an alloy of zinc and aluminium. This protective layer makes the sheet very resistant to corrosion. It is especially important in locations where air humidity is high, including inside buildings.


Ratherm AHUs are relatively lightweight due to their skeleton frame. We produce units weighing from 970 kg in the case of the XD-HP 025 model to 2850 kg in the case of the largest XD-HP 225 AHU..

Innovative products of superior quality

Ratherm is one of the largest manufacturers of AHUs in Poland. We use innovative solutions and constantly improve the quality of our products as well as their capabilities. When using an internal heat pump, we make sure to minimize the operating costs of the unit and maximize its efficiency.

We particularly focus on the durability and reliability of our solutions. We make sure that our AHUs are trouble-free and have a long useful life. We use only the best quality components from well-known global manufacturers.

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For more information, please contact our sales department. We are happy to work with you anywhere in Poland.
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