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Industrial ventilation


Proper ventilation in various types of industrial plants is essential and crucial. Supplying fresh air and filtering and removing used air are the basic tasks of industrial ventilation system.

Manufacturing and industrial plants often function in challenging and specific conditions. High or low temperature, humidity, condensation and dust are just some of the elements of the microclimate in industrial facilities. The air in such facilities must meet certain standards in terms of employee comfort and production processes.

Working in such conditions requires adequate ventilation that will provide fresh air of appropriate quality, humidity and temperature.

HVAC Ratherm – specialists in the field of industrial ventilation

Our company specialises in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of industrial ventilation systems.. We manufacture the systems for industrial plants, manufacturing plants, distribution centres, food processing plants, and many more.

In the case of every project implemented by us, the scope and type of solutions are strictly tailored to the needs and requirements of our client. Due to the fact that the characteristics and scope of operation of each plant are different, we approach each issue individually. We adjust solutions to the industry in which our contractor operates.

Ratherm is a team of experienced HVAC specialists who are able to carry out even the most difficult tasks. More information about us can be found here: About Us

Our Customers

We have completed hundreds of HVAC projects in recent years. Our clients are small and large manufacturing plants located throughout Poland. We have mounted our installations in industrial facilities of companies such as Bulten, Kaskar, Panattoni, Biedronka, Ryłko and many others. Examples of our investments in industrial facilities can be found here: Industrial facilities.

Seamless adjustment

In the case of industrial facilities, the ability to quickly and accurately adjust the parameters of the supplied air is very important in terms of the ventilation system. Our Air Handling Units allow you to easily and comfortably set the desired parameters for a given facility or room.

The temperature is one of the basic and key parameters. Its appropriate level is important not only for people staying in a given building, but can also be very important, for example, for production processes performed in an industrial facility.

Another important parameter, which must be easily configurable, is air humidity. Various Industrial facilities. may have different requirements related to this factor. In some places high humidity will be very desirable, in other places – quite the contrary.

A wide range of business operations

Industrial enterprises are often very different from each other. The characteristics and requirements of large-size and industrial facilities can also be completely different.

HVAC RATHERM is a company that undertakes even the most complex and difficult tasks in the field of industrial ventilation. We build and supply HVAC installations for many different industries and facilities. We also implement difficult projects and adjust installations to the very high technical requirements of our client.

We are a team of experienced professionals from the HVAC industry who solve problems in a creative way. We want our industrial ventilation system to meet all the expectations of our client..

Professional HVAC consulting

Our clients interested in industrial ventilation can always count on our full support. With many years of experience, we are able to inform the client about less obvious issues, which are extremely important and often overlooked when planning industrial ventilation. In this way, we help our client to avoid many mistakes that could be extremely onerous and costly in the future.

Individual approach

A feature, which largely characterizes HVAC Ratherm, is the autonomous approach. We treat each project completely individually. We pay a lot of attention to the analysis of our client's needs. We want to precisely determine not only the current conditions and expectations, but also to anticipate the requirements and needs that may arise in the future.

Our specialists present our client with various solutions, showing the advantages and disadvantages of their application in a specific project. We share many years of our experience and knowledge with the client to avoid costly mistakes. This approach is extremely important, especially in the case of industrial facilities, where investment expenditure for all necessary installations is usually high. HVAC Ratherm is a company that will help you optimise your expenses on the ventilation installations.

The focus on an individual approach to our client and a given project allows us to fully understand the needs and expectations. This translates into the success of the final project and the very high level of trust among our contractors.

Of course, we often work with clients who implement dozens of similar projects. Therefore, we never suggest specific solutions to our clients. We always analyse the needs, requirements and expectations to propose the best concepts.

An individual approach also means help and support at every stage of the project. Our specialists are at your disposal whenever you need them.

Protection of employees' health

Performing work in industrial facilities is very often associated with a greater need for protection of the health of employees. Production processes must be carried out in compliance with all safety standards. In such a case, good and efficient ventilation, which must cope with any situation, plays a very important role. Efficient industrial ventilation ensures quick removal of used air and supply of fresh air as well as adequate filtration.
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