HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) is a branch of sanitary engineering involved in heating, ventilation and air conditioning of buildings. A properly designed HVAC system features high performance, functionality and reduced energy demand.

Air handling units located in buildings play a key role in HVAC systems. HVAC Ratherm is a company with over 20 years of experience in installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our offer includes a variety of types of air handling units, such as: packaged AHUs, monoblock AHUs, gas-fired AHUs, suspended AHUs or AHUs with internal heat pumps.

What is an air handling unit?

Air handling unit is a unit that is responsible for air exchange inside a building. It removes stale air and supplies new, fresh air.

Why is an air handling unit so important?

Failure to equip a building with an appropriate and efficient air handling unit can have many negative effects, such as: the spread of unpleasant odours or excessive humidity in rooms.

An air handling unit is an essential element of the installation in many buildings, including in particular industrial, retail and commercial facilities. It is necessary for proper air exchange, which is very important for all persons staying in a given building. In addition, an air handling unit may be necessary for the proper operation of electronic equipment (such as servers, for example) and machinery located in facilities.

Production, sale, installation and servicing of air handling units

HVAC Ratherm are experts in ventilation and air conditioning systems, especially for industrial and large-scale facilities. Over recent years, we have delivered hundreds of projects throughout Poland. If you are interested in installation or modernisation of a ventilation or air conditioning system, please contact us today.

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