The roof is one of the most important elements of a building's structure. Its main purpose is to protect the indoor space against the weather. Air handling units mounted on rooftops are relatively heavy. Therefore, it is essential to ensure proper support and installation of such AHUs so that the entire structure is safe and reliable. AHUBASE and AHUBASE FLEX rooftop support frames offered by us are designed to offer a safe base for various devices or systems mounted on sloping and flat roofs. Ahubase rooftop support frames from HVAC Ratherm provide high stability and even distribution of loads.

What are the Benefits of Ahubase Rooftop Support Frames?

Rooftop support frames are available in various shapes and configurations that can be adapted to suit your needs. They offer a number of benefits, including:

  1. Weather Resistance
    Attachment products located on rooftops are permanently exposed to various weather conditions (rain, snow, hail, intense sunshine), which may lead to corrosion and damage. Our Ahubase rooftop support frames are made of PA6 30GF plastic and EPDM regranulate. These materials are characterised by high quality, guaranteeing durability and robust attachment. They also protect against the effects of harsh weather conditions.

  2. Multi-Step Adjustment
    Our Ahubase rooftop support frames offer precise adjustment of AHU angle of inclination within a range of 7 degrees. This key feature contributes to the more efficient operation of the ventilation and air conditioning system. It may also translate into energy savings.

  3. Easy Installation
    Ahubase rooftop support frame s are designed to attach and support various devices and systems on flat and sloping roofs. They have special handles and a mounting system to make installation quick and easy. Last but not least, they are visually attractive.

  4. Compatibility and Stability
    Ahubase rooftop support frame are conveniently compatible with a variety of roof types. They can be mounted on both flat and sloping roofs. These frames are also highly stable, which ensures uniform distribution of loads on the roof. Rooftop support frames are designed for maximum strength to eliminate the risk of damage to the roof and to ensure safety.

  5. Aesthetic Appearance
    Our AAhubase rooftop support frame feature an attractive design and do not clash with other rooftop structures. Thanks to special protective coatings, Ahubase Flex rooftop support frames continue to look attractive, even after many years of service.

  6. Environmental Protection
    Today, with environmental degradation continuing, taking care of our planet is extremely important. Materials used to manufacture Ahubase rooftop support frame are eco-friendly and the entire production process has been designed to reduce its climate impact. At every stage of production, we track and monitor deliveries of components and raw materials to ensure that they meet the highest environmental standards. Our commitment to environmental protection is also demonstrated through our state-of-the-art technologies and solutions which enhance the efficiency and durability of these frames.


Ahubase rooftop support frame offered by HVAC Ratherm are a very robust and durable solution for years. They are ideal for mounting monoblock AHUs and ductless systems on rooftops, regardless of their purpose. Durable and robust rooftop support frames increase the stability and safety of the entire ventilation system.

To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Our specialists will be more than happy to offer their assistance and support.
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