In an industrial environment, skilful management of energy resources is of key importance to achieve high energy efficiency. Ductless AHUs are an innovative solution which support ventilation and air conditioning systems in industrial facilities.

What are Ductless AHUs and How do They Work?

These devices are used for direct heating and ventilation of spaces in a variety of buildings, such as warehouses, production floors, shopping centres, and commercial facilities. Ductless AHUs do not require a system of conduits for air distribution. Their main component is an external unit, which is responsible for supplying outside air. Air flow is cooled or heated using a heat exchanger and a compressor integrated into the ductless AHU. The AHU then supplies clean fresh air, distributing it throughout the building.

Where are Ductless AHUs Installed?

These units are usually installed indoors (for example suspended from ceilings or in service rooms) or on the rooftops of industrial, office or residential buildings. Due to their small footprint, ductless AHUs can be easily fitted into any room.

We offer XK-P suspended AHUs, which are suitable for installation in ceiling voids and in crawl spaces. XK-P suspended AHUs can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, including on their side. They feature a special housing which reduces noise levels. These units are ideal for spaces where building design makes it impossible to install larger devices, such as monoblock AHUs , which are also offered by us. XK-P suspended AHUs show high energy efficiency due to their heat recovery function. This may translate into lower operating costs for the building.

What are the benefits of a ductless AHU?

A ductless air handling unit (AHU) is a popular solution in a variety of buildings. It is used to constantly deliver clean fresh air to rooms occupied by people, which has a positive impact on their well-being and allows them to be more focused on the work performed. Such a unit has many advantages. Here are some of them.

  1. No additional systems need to be installed
    A ductless AHU does not need any additional infrastructure. This saves usable space, which is important especially in small buildings.

  2. Small size and easy installation
    The small size of a ductless AHU, as well as of our XK-P suspended AHU, enables easy installation of the unit, especially in narrow and hard-to-reach places. A ductless AHU is also perfect for rooms where installation of traditional large-sized ventilation and air conditioning systems is difficult. Due to effective use of space and easy installation this unit is a perfect solution that fits into any infrastructure of various types of buildings.

  3. Energy efficiency
    Unlike traditional gravity ventilation systems, a ductless AHU reduces heat loss in a facility. The unit features a heat recovery function, which makes it even more energy efficient. All AHUs offered by HVAC Ratherm are equipped with a heat recovery function, which also translates into benefits related to environmental protection. A ductless AHU can also help reduce electricity consumption. Thanks to this, operating costs can be lower.

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