Swirl air diffusers are components used in HVAC systems. They are used mainly to evacuate and supply the air stream in HVAC systems located in office, residential and storage buildings, shopping centres and institutional facilities.

How do swirl air diffusers work?

These components are installed at the end of ducts or in suspended ceilings. A swirl air diffuser is equipped with specially designed rotors which, depending on the position of the blades, allow the adjustment of the rotary air flow direction and the angle at which the air reaches the room. If the building is equipped with air handling units, then these units combined with swirl air diffusers guarantee greater efficiency of air exchange.

Swirl air diffuser functions

  1. This component can also cool or heat air.
    In buildings containing a large number of people the diffuser is directed downwards and the inflowing warm air is also used for heating purposes, so the diffuser provides both heating and proper comfort. When cooling effect is needed, we can direct the air flow upwards and reduce the speed at which cold air falls on building occupants.

  2. Effective air mixing
    Swirl air diffusers can effectively mix air reaching the room by utilising air induction.

  3. Variety of models and designs
    In many rooms the swirl air diffusers may be the only visible component of the ventilation system. The air diffusers are available on the market in different shapes and designs, so they can match the interior design perfectly.


In air handling units by Ratherm we use swirl air diffusers from well-known and reputable manufacturers. If you want to learn more, we are here to support and help you. Our staff are happy to answer any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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