Air handling units play a very important role, because thanks to them the air in the buildings where we spend our time is clean and sufficiently humid. It is also worth remembering that enclosed spaces are often exposed to very high humidity, which may lead to the development of mould and fungus and also fosters the development of dust mites.

If a ventilation system is not maintained regularly, its components may consume more energy. This may translate into reduced performance of the entire ventilation system. The pollutants accumulated in the system may also be harmful to health in the long term. Therefore, regular maintenance including fungus removal and cleaning of the ventilation system, is necessary in every building.

Regular maintenance of ventilation systems

According to the Construction Law Act of 7 July 1994 (as amended) the owner, administrator or user of a civil structure shall perform ventilation system maintenance at least once a year. Regular maintenance speeds up diagnosing possible defects and improves the comfort and safety of users of the entire building.

Ratherm HVAC unit maintenance

HVAC Ratherm has its own authorised service for air handling units. We offer warranty and post-warranty maintenance. Many years of experience and very good knowledge of the HVAC sector allow Ratherm's employees to inspect and assess the technical condition of the ventilation system in a detailed and precise manner. We offer servicing and maintenance of Ratherm units, including: monoblock, packaged, gas-fired, suspended units or units with internal heat pumps. While taking care to maintain the right temperature in the building and to ensure the well-being and safety of our customers, ventilation system maintenance is always carried out in a professional manner, in compliance with the established most stringent company standards. We are happy to work with clients anywhere in Poland.

To sum up, regular periodic maintenance of ventilation systems is not only a legal duty, but it also provides a number of benefits, such as, for example, cleaner and healthier air inside the building, longer service life of all units, potentially lower costs of repair and a higher level of safety.
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