Dear Customers,

As we have previously announced, RATHERM is planning to expand its business. One of the key projects is the construction of anew production building in Rekcin.

RATHERM's expansion is a reaction to the growth of the construction market and increased demand for air handling systems, including cooling, ventilation and air conditioning units.

The new production building in Rekcin will be an important part of the company's development strategy, providing it with increased manufacturing capacity and operational efficiency.

The new building will offer many benefits, not just to our company, but also to the local community.

The project will create new jobs, raising the region's employment rates.

The new production building will operate modern machinery and equipment to boost production efficiency and further improve the quality of our products. This will make our company more competitive and also better positioned to meet the growing demands of our customers.

The new production building in Rekcin is an important step in RATHERM's development. We believe that by growing we can achieve more and also contribute to the local community. We remain committed to our mission of delivering high quality cooling, ventilation and air conditioning units, while continuing to improve our products and services.

Expected completion date: MAY 2024

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