Heat recovery ventilation system is a mechanical ventilation system that retrieves thermal energy. This mechanical ventilation system is usually installed in all rooms in the building. It removes aged and contaminated air from the indoor environment while new fresh air is collected, filtered, and supplied.

Air Filtering

As a result, the comfort of occupants is significantly enhanced. With the use of appropriate filters, the amount of dust, dirt and various allergens that have a negative impact on human health is reduced. A heat recovery system may also feature an ionizing device, which provides additional air treatment. It is a very useful solution for those who suffer from allergies.

A heat recovery ventilation system filters the air 24 hours a day, thus maintaining an adequate air humidity level, which also improves the comfort of occupants. Moreover, such systems have a positive impact on the condition of walls, floors, and furniture, as they help eliminate fungi and mould.

Smog is a major problem in many Polish cities, with high concentrations particularly during winter months that negatively affect our health. With the filters it uses, a mechanical ventilation system significantly reduces the amount of harmful smog particles entering indoor spaces, thus benefiting the health of occupants.

Benefits of Heat Recovery

A heat recovery ventilation system adjusts and maintains the appropriate temperature in the building, depending on whether the space is exposed to sunlight or shaded. Mechanical ventilation also reduces the spread of various odours, for example from kitchens in dining areas or from bathrooms.

Another advantage of a heat recovery ventilation system is that it can be used in energy-efficient buildings. It uses heat contained in the aged air being removed and therefore reduces the energy consumed to heat the building. This is done automatically, even when there are no occupants indoors.

Quiet Operation

A great advantage of a heat recovery ventilation system is quiet and efficient operation, with the noise generated usually being inaudible to most users.


In retail and commercial buildings where customers are present, a mechanical ventilation system should be practically inaudible. The absence of noise from ventilation equipment has a positive impact on the comfort of all occupants.

A quiet heat recovery ventilation system is essential in commercial buildings, making activities such as shopping, using a swimming pool, or watching a film much more pleasant.

Several conditions must be met for the ventilation equipment to operate quietly. The system itself must be correctly designed and constructed, and the quality of the ventilation equipment plays a vital role too. Modern, efficient and well-maintained air handling units will generate significantly less noise.

HVAC Ratherm is a specialist in ventilation and heat recovery systems for industrial, commercial, and retail facilities. Our units use state-of-the-art electronic EC fans, which are very quiet and highly efficient. The fan speed is continuously adjusted, which reduces noise and lowers power consumption.

Another example is our units with internal HD-HP heat pumps, which use an EC centrifugal supply fan and exhaust fan. They make the unit very quiet.


We are placing more and more emphasis on energy saving. This is not only due to increasing operating costs of buildings, but also due to climate change. HVAC Ratherm units, such as the modern XD monoblock AHUs, have an energy recovery module.

Heat recovery efficiency offered by our air handling units can meet a variety of minimum requirements, including 78% in the case of our XD-HP AHUs. Another advantage of HVAC Ratherm units is the high total energy efficiency of the system, which translates into significant energy savings.

Fresh air

Spending time in a building with inefficient ventilation can significantly increase the levels of carbon dioxide. This may have a direct adverse effect not only on the occupants' well-being, but also on their health. In order to deliver the right amount of fresh air, a well designed high quality mechanical ventilation system with good quality filters is recommended.

HVAC Ratherm air handling units with heat recovery use G4 / M5 / F7 grade filters. Our heat recovery modules not only replace aged air efficiently, but also filter the air supplied to the building.

Therefore, using a good heat recovery system means that fresh filtered air is provided even if the windows are closed. This is particularly important in winter when, each time windows are opened to ventilate a room, it needs to be heated again thereafter.

What are the benefits of heat recovery?

Without a doubt, mechanical ventilation is now becoming standard in Poland. It has, indeed, many advantages. First, buildings where a heat recovery module have been installed need less heating. This translates directly into reduced maintenance costs and is also more environmentally friendly.

Heat recovery modules are often more effective in efficient air change than classic gravity ventilation systems. This increased performance has a direct impact on the comfort of building occupants, regardless of the weather outside.

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HVAC Ratherm offers a whole range of units which can be configured to create a system that suits any needs. They include: XD monoblock AHUs and compact XD AHUs with internal heat pumps.

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