Safe storage of goods requires carefully-designed dedicated solutions. Modern warehouses, supported by advanced logistics processes, are efficient and fast in turning over large quantities of goods. Those goods must be stored in suitable conditions at all times to prevent damage and deterioration. Appropriate temperature and humidity levels, as well as efficient air change, are key in the storage process. Proper ventilation of warehouse buildings is also a must.

Different Parameters, Different Needs

There are many different types of warehouses, with one of the main criteria for classifying them being the type of products stored. The storage of food and construction materials will have completely different ventilation requirements. There are also warehousing facilities that cater to a wide range of businesses and thus require certain flexibility to tailor their parameters to the needs of their current customer. In such cases, the ventilation system in the warehouse building must be designed to dynamically adjust the parameters of supplied air to the requirements of the goods stored at a particular time.

Therefore, ventilation of warehouse buildings is not a straightforward process and must be properly designed to take into account any current and future needs.

Air Conditioning Systems for Warehouse Buildings

When designing an air handling system for a warehouse building, several different factors must be taken into account, including:
  • the technical specifications of the warehouse building (such as dimensions and volume),
  • warehouse type and goods storage method,
  • and the temperature and/or humidity required by the goods stored.
There are many factors to be considered.

HVAC Ratherm – Experience and Knowledge

We have engineered air handling units for warehouse buildings for many years now. Our systems can be found in both small and large warehouses throughout Poland. Our customers include large retailers, such as the Biedronka Distribution Centre, and the largest logistics developer in Europe, Panattoni.

If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy partner to deliver HVAC solutions for your warehouse or other large facility, you are very welcome to contact us!
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