HVAC equipment can be classified in many different ways, depending on the features we want to focus on. One of the main ways of categorising air conditioners is by design, with three main types: monoblock, split, and multi-split.

Split Air Conditioners

This common type of air conditioner is typically used in smaller buildings or individual rooms. It consists of two main parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is located inside the space and usually includes a fan, an evaporator, and a controller. The outdoor unit is installed outside the building (usually on its exterior wall) and consists of a condenser, a fan, and a power generator. Both units are interconnected.

Multi-Split Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioning is similar to split-type units, but multiple indoor units are connected to a single outdoor unit. In this case, the outdoor unit is usually much larger than that found in a split air conditioning system. For this reason, multi-split air conditioning systems are often installed on building rooftops or directly on the ground.

Monoblock Air Conditioners

These systems consist of one central unit where all components (compressor, condenser, evaporator, etc.) are installed, and it is connected to the building via air ducts. This type of air conditioning includes both small (including mobile) devices installed in houses or offices and professional air handling units installed on building rooftops.

Air Conditioning Systems by Target Group

Several types of air conditioning can be distinguished here, including small mobile air conditioning units, residential air conditioning units, and large air handling units. HVAC Ratherm specialises in the manufacturing and assembly of the large air handling units. Our units are used in shopping centres, distribution centres, large commercial facilities, and industrial facilities.
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