Ventilating warehouses is not a straightforward task. Large and tall warehouse buildings require special ventilation and air conditioning solutions. Proper and efficient air exchange plays a crucial role in the quality of the goods stored and is also essential for warehouse employees. It is necessary to remove stale air and supply fresh, filtered air for many types of businesses, particularly in the food industry.

Cooling and Heating of Warehouse Buildings

In addition to changing indoor air, HVAC systems are also responsible for heating and air conditioning warehouses. Maintaining a comfortable ambient temperature is crucial to ensure warehouse staff work in safe and healthy conditions. Certain legal requirements must also be met, and proper cooling and heating are often necessary for the correct storage of goods.

Low Cost

Every business wants to keep its heating and air conditioning costs as low as possible. High ventilation costs may make the business less competitive or even inviable. The rising costs of energy, including electricity and gas, are driving the search for cost-effective and highly efficient equipment. HVAC Ratherm air handling units use market-leading solutions. We focus on low energy consumption and high efficiency when designing our equipment, so our HVAC systems have a significant positive impact on the environment.

HVAC Ratherm –Specialists in Industrial Air Conditioning

We are a Polish manufacturer of air handling units that specialises in delivering comprehensive HVAC systems for industrial facilities, including warehouse buildings. Our equipment can be found in hundreds of facilities throughout Poland, and our customers include distribution centres (such as Biedronka) and warehouse construction companies (such as Panattoni, one of the major players in that market).

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