Shopping centres have become ubiquitous in Poland, with their numbers growing considerably in both small towns and large cities. People enjoy spending time in these one-stop shops for shopping, dining, cinema-going, and other services.

HVAC Solutions for Shopping Centres

Efficient and effective ventilation and air conditioning is an absolute must for shopping centres. Not only for legal reasons but also to maintain customer comfort by providing fresh air at the right temperature.


Places to eat and drink are one of the standard features of medium- and large-sized shopping centres. Poles enjoy combining their shopping or cinema trip with a visit to a restaurant, which requires efficient ventilation systems, especially in the kitchen section. Effective handling odours and vapours generated during food preparation is essential to ensure the comfort of both restaurant customers and the rest of the shopping centre.

HVAC Ratherm Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems for Shopping Centres

At HVAC Ratherm, we specialise in constructing and installing ventilation systems for shopping centres. In recent years, several dozen shopping centres have been equipped with our air handlers. We have done this in multiple retail parks throughout Poland such as Media Expert, Leroy Merlin, Saller, and Jysk. You can find more examples of our projects here: Our Projects.

Cost-effectiveness of ventilation and air conditioning in retail facilities is crucial. Our air handling units use state-of-the-art technologies to save energy and thus reduce operating costs for the retail facility.

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