Industrial buildings, particularly production floors, require specialised and cleverly-designed ventilation systems. They are essential in the daily operation of any plant, ensuring safe working conditions and playing a key role in production processes.

HVAC RATHERM – Specialists in Industrial Ventilation

We have many years of experience delivering ventilation systems for industrial buildings, including production floors. HVAC RATHERM is a Polish manufacturer of ventilation and air conditioning systems, and our air handling units can be found in manufacturing plants in many Polish cities, including Kraśnik, Gdynia, Rzeszów, Białystok, and Sosnowiec. We implement projects throughout the country, and our customers include companies such as IGLOTEX, LEROY MERLIN, PANNATONI, BIEDRONKA, RYŁKO, and many more. You can find more examples of our industrial ventilation projects here: Industrial Facilities.

Expert Advice on Industrial Ventilation

When designing a ventilation system for an industrial facility, many different factors need to be considered, including building volume, humidity and temperature requirements, and the nature of production processes. With their extensive knowledge and experience, HVAC RATHERM experts will help you choose the best technology for your specific case. Our offering includes a wide variety of air handling units, and we analyse the specific nature of the production floor and your requirements to offer you a proven and effective solution.

Working with HVAC RATHERM can save you time and money, as any errors made in the design of a ventilation system and equipment selection can be very costly. Let us help you avoid this.

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