The XK-P suspended internal AHUs are designed for installation in the ceiling void or on the upper surface of a floor. They provide comprehensive air treatment in any indoor environment in accordance to the EU energy consumption regulations. There are 6 models of the device with EC fans as standard and many options of connections. Depending on the selected configuration, the device provides capacities from 700 m3/h to 4,200 m3/h. The rotary, plate and cross-flow heat exchangers meet the Ecodesign 2018 requirements. Monoblock housings of the AHUs have inspection covers and optional doors with hinges and handles, which enable quick access to the devices during maintenance or inspection.

XK-P low-profile AHUs fulfil their functions in small and medium-sized facilities such as restaurants, coffee houses, pubs, shops, cinemas, garages,hotels or offices.
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