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If you are looking for a specialist HVAC supplier, you are in the right place. HVAC Ratherm has specialised in air handling systems for many years. We are one of the largest Polish manufacturers of HVAC units. You can find more information about our company and its history here.

What is HVAC?

HVAC is a mechanical engineering discipline that is concerned with air handling systems. HVAC is an English abbreviation that means:

H – heating
V – ventilation
AC - air conditioning

HVAC installations are the systems designed to deliver fresh air to a building, remove used air and control the temperature inside the building. Such installations are present in almost every building.

It is worth mentioning that the individual elements of the HVAC system are interdependent and directly influence each other. Therefore, all of components of the system must be appropriately selected to ensure its efficient and energy-saving operation. An efficiently working HVAC system ensures increased comfort in a given building, significantly lower operating costs and better protection of the environment.

Designing of HVAC systems

A proper layout and design of all types of installations in a building are very important elements of any construction project. Mistakes made at this stage may result in many negative consequences that will be felt throughout the lifetime of the facility.

To facilitate the designing of HVAC systems, we have developed the HVAC RATHERM AHU selection application for designers and installation companies. It is a convenient and comprehensive tool that allows you to easily select the right devices for a given project. More information about the tool can be found here.

Specialist consulting in terms of the HVAC systems

Ratherm to firma zatrudniająca specjalistów z branży z wieloletnim doświadczeniem. Jesteśmy obecni na rynku już ponad 20 lat. Zdobytą wiedzę i doświadczenie wykorzystujemy na co dzień pracując dla naszych klientów. Nawiązując z nami współpracę możesz zawsze liczyć na pełną i kompleksową pomoc naszych specjalistów.

Zintegrowane instalacje HVAC

Ratherm is a company employing industry specialists with many years of expertise. We have been active on the market for over 20 years. We use the acquired knowledge and experience on a daily basis when working for our clients. When you cooperate with us, you can always count on the full and comprehensive support of our specialists.
  • High energy efficiency
  • Performance that guarantees appropriate indoor comfort
  • Lower operating costs: ventilation and air conditioning systems can consume up to several dozen percent of the total electricity demand in a given building, which is why optimization of energy consumption is so important. It directly translates into the significant reduction in operating costs of the entire building
  • Lower service costs and reduced failure frequency
It is also worth mentioning that the integrated compact ventilation and air conditioning devices take up much less space than traditional solutions.

Ratherm – specialists in the HVAC industry

We manufacture, sell, supply and install integrated ventilation and air conditioning systems for shopping centres, hotels, catering facilities, shops, etc. Our client base also includes large industrial plants. More information about us can be found here:About Us

Our offer includes solutions such as: XD monoblock AHUs , XK packaged AHUs, XK-G gas AHUs, XK-P suspended AHUs and, AHUs with internal XD-HP heat pumps.

Maintenance of an HVAC system

When choosing an HVAC system supplier, you should pay close attention to maintenance and technical support. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure that the system will work for many years.

Ratherm has its own team of service technicians maintaining systems throughout Poland. We conduct warranty and post-warranty inspections and repairs. More information about our authorised service centre can be found here: Maintenance of air handling units.

HVAC systems and user comfort

In every residential, commercial or industrial building, the comfort of users is crucial. We want the temperature inside to be optimal – neither too low nor too high. Fresh air at the right temperature significantly contributes to the comfort and well-being of residents, employees and customers.

Ratherm's modern HVAC solutions allow you to optimally manage the microclimate in each room. This integrated system maintains optimal, desired parameters in an easy-to-control manner.

An appropriate, efficient AHU system is very often one of the main prerequisites made by the tenants of commercial space. Cooling down on a hot day or warming up in winter is simply essential for people to normally function in the building. It is hard to imagine working in 30°C heat in an office without suitable air conditioning. In the case of retail or commercial premises, ensuring the appropriate comfort to customers (especially on very hot or cold days) is almost as important as a great offer.

We must not forget about the appropriate design of HVAC systems during the construction of a new facility and renovation, expansion or modernization of the existing one. Changing the cubing volume or increasing the area of the building or the layout of rooms may have a significant impact on the ventilation and air conditioning in the facility. In order to maintain an adequate level of comfort, it is necessary to re-consider the HVAC installation and the current needs of the building.

We produce HVAC air handling units that allow you to quickly and easily achieve a comfortable temperature.

In terms of comfort of using HVAC installations, we should not forget about the convenient system management. AHUs from Ratherm are very comfortable to use. With full automation and remote control, management of the system is very pleasant and time-efficient. The systems designed by us are ergonomic and easy to use.
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