Manufacturer of air handling units Fresh air is one of the most important and basic factors that have a decisive impact not only in terms of the occupants' comfort, but also their safety.

In large facilities used for retail, services or industrial purposes, an efficient and effective system of dedicated units is required to ensure adequate ventilation.

The main job of an AHU is to remove used air from the building and replace it with fresh air supply. Very often an AHU serves additional functions as well. Specialist AHUs can cool and heat air to a desired temperature. In some facilities, dehumidifying or humidifying of air may be equally important.

Our company at a glance

HVAC Ratherm is an entirely Polish manufacturer of air handling units. We have been supplying comprehensive air handling systems for over 13 years. We specialise in large facilities, such as shopping centres, retail premises, logistics and distribution centres, large shops and cinemas. A significant share of our projects is delivered to industrial facilities. HVAC Ratherm is a manufacturer and a leading Polish supplier of packaged and rooftop AHUs. Our offer includes:
  • XD monoblock AHUs
  • XK packaged AHUs
  • XK-G gas-fired AHUs
  • XK-P suspended AHUs
  • XD-HP AHUs with internal heat pumps
More information about HVAC Ratherm – a manufacturer of air handling units can be found here: About Us


Adequate, effective and efficient ventilation is essential for any corporate facility. Choosing a top manufacturer of air handling units is extremely important because any errors made at the stage of planning of your HVAC system can be very costly in the future.

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