Types of air conditioning

Every year more and more people want to install an air conditioning system in their house or apartment. It makes staying indoors on hot days much more comfortable. Going about your day, working, resting and sleeping is easier when ambient temperature is kept within reasonable limits.

The demand for air conditioning will continue to increase because the climate is warming globally and the number of hot and very hot days in the year keeps rising.

Air conditioning in large buildings

Air conditioning in private homes is a nice addition that significantly improves our comfort, however in the case of public institutions or corporate premises it is practically a must. Without air conditioning, using a corporate building would in many cases be impossible.

Air conditioning also plays a very important role in industrial facilities. Many production processes require that specific temperatures are maintained in the building. In addition, in some plants the temperature has to be different in different areas of the facility.

Air cooling and heating

Most people associate air conditioning primarily with air cooling, however the vast majority of air conditioning units are also able to heat the air supplied to the building to a desired temperature.

Air handling units (AHUs)

In large facilities used for retail, services, production, etc.,Air Handling Units are used. They are comprehensive instalacje HVAC, designed to provide the building with fresh filtered air, heat or cool this air, and then remove the “used” air.

HVAC Ratherm is a Polish manufacturer of air handling units. We offer the following types of AHUs:
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